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TV Guardian
TV Guardian

PostSubject: CALLING EVERYONE WITH A WOW ACCOUNT   Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:42 am

Ok, so it seems like this has become a gaming club project, but we're taking anyone we can get that has an account.

The other day, Me, Herlon, and Manda started playing on a PVP server called "LIGHTNING'S BLADE". In that time we've recruited about 5 or 6 more people to join us. We've now got the signatures, and somehow got the gold, to start a GUILD. We're picking up everyone in silvermoon that we can to join.

In other words, we're getting as big a group as we can get to level togetheron a pvp server. Doesn't that sound fun? [

Umm, ANYWAY, if you're interested, drop me a PM, send me an email (thekolih@gmail.com), text me (2298811378), or contact me in SOME WAY. Right now we have like 15 blood elves in our guild <.<;; uhhh, feel free to go some other race.

I know for a fact we have 2 warlocks, a mage, a rogue(or hunter, I think he might reroll) and me as a Pally. I don't remember what everyone else is. I know for a fact we have ZERO warriors. We may have ZERO rogues.

If you can't contact me any other way, you can join the server, and add BilliusNius(me) or DarkSpectrez(herlon) or Skyriel(manda).

Thanks guys!

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