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 Funny convo I had with jeff

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Edge Hogger
Edge Hogger

PostSubject: Funny convo I had with jeff   Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:21 pm

Dogysamich (11:17:01 PM): So here i am
Dogysamich (11:17:05 PM): standing in the kitchen
Dogysamich (11:17:06 PM): hungry
Dogysamich (11:17:07 PM): confused
Dogysamich (11:17:09 PM): desperate
Dogysamich (11:17:17 PM): and i look around for something i can snack on real quick
Dogysamich (11:17:24 PM): i search through the cabinets and find nothing
Dogysamich (11:17:26 PM): fridge?
Dogysamich (11:17:27 PM): Nothing.
Dogysamich (11:17:30 PM): so i look down on the counter
Dogysamich (11:17:37 PM): and there they are, a bag of bagels
Dogysamich (11:17:38 PM): calling out to me
Dogysamich (11:17:50 PM): "Ethan! You know you need us! Just give us a chance! We can help you!"
Dogysamich (11:18:00 PM): so i pick up the bag, and stare at it
Dogysamich (11:18:24 PM): thinking about all of the wrong i've done and wondering if im willing to throw away everything i stand for to one brief moment of passion and extacy
Dogysamich (11:18:34 PM): so i pause for a moment
Dogysamich (11:18:43 PM): and then...
Dogysamich (11:18:46 PM): ... and then....
Dogysamich (11:18:59 PM): ... i slammed that sack of shit down on the counter and made a ham'n'cheese samich
Dogysamich (11:19:00 PM): GET RAPED
Dogysamich (11:19:02 PM): FUCK BAGELS


Very Happy
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Crazy Talk
Crazy Talk

PostSubject: Re: Funny convo I had with jeff   Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:12 pm

Not unless you microwave it first.

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Funny convo I had with jeff
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