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 Placeholder meeting 3/25

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TV Guardian
TV Guardian

PostSubject: Placeholder meeting 3/25   Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:55 am

I dunno if anyone else got them, but I can remember some of it.

Tried to pay the pizza guy.
Got it.
Talked about the purchases (ten copies of tf2, ten copies of CS, a 360 (sf4, sc4, halo 3, and left 4 dead), a good bit of boardgames (like monopoly, scrabble, checkers, chess) a security locker, and a 13 in tv (that was 19.99))
Talked about the upcoming sf4 tourney
talked about profanity and how we need to cut down on it
Talked about the plan for steam accounts (20 accounts, one game on each one. Password will be changed a set period, and those with permission to play with the accounts will be able to see the forums to get the username and password. We will also try to get our own servers (1 for CS and 1 for TF2) We may also try to get a competetive TF2 team together)

Anyone else remember what we talked about? I know I left some stuff out.

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Placeholder meeting 3/25
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